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We create value for our clients’ business through results-oriented strategy and communications.

Gestión de Gente

People Management

Every collaborator is a spokesperson that can strengthen the brand and thus the future of the business, which is why human management is a vital pillar for long term reputation.

Gestión de Riesgo

Risk Management

Most risks are foreseeable. Being prepared to handle them is a corporate responsibility, it is a must for companies to develop a culture of real time risk and contingency management.

Gestión de Expectativa Social

Management of Social Expectations

Responsible actions from companies regarding social demands, guarantees the social license to operate and creates corporate conscience. This is how you prove commitment to the communities where your business has an impact.

Gestión de Marca

Brand Management

Society has created higher expectations, which is why we have to find what makes our company unique and create stories that generate long term relationships.  The brands must add value beyond rational elements.


Founding Partner
Italo Pizzolante

Italo Pizzolante Negrón

“The roles of the of companies and their leaders have new meaning given we live a crisis of trust. We have to build abilities that manage social expectations, redefine our tasks and take on the challenge of acting our part”.

Thony Da Silva

Thony Da Silva Romero

“Leading implies inspiring, including and getting involved with the complex relations network of the company, and from there, knowing how to take decisions that align the business needs and the expectation of its workforce”.

Director Dominican Republic
Karina Cárdenas

Ana Karina Cárdenas López

“The loyalty of your employees comes from the ability to inspire by example and this, together with a stable environment, is how we build our reputation”.

Director Venezuela
Agustín Beroes

Agustín Beroes

“We need strategies that integrate productive work with the essence of the organization and its relationship with the external, this is how you contribute to sustainable long term businesses”.

Financial Director
Carlos Abenante

Carlos Abenante

“Business performance management at all levels not only require appropriate, complete and relevant information, but also correct interpretation and analysis, so that its decision making adjusts to the dynamics of the company and its environment”.

Jaime Oteyza

Jaime Oteyza

“Companies require the support of strategy and communication companies, to organize their ideas, based on experiences, that allow them to accomplish their objectives.”

Modelo de Gestion Pizzolante


From a clear understanding of the environment and the inner world of the client, we work following a Performance Model in order to define consistent strategies, develop an appropriate corporate narrative and enhance the skills of our clients in order to effectively achieve results. All of this under a governance that gives sustainability to the communications effort.


Our clients are our partners. We believe in developing long term relationships through our corporate values of commitment, respect, tolerance, honesty, integrity, initiative and flexibility and quality driven results.



We know how important it is to always be present and innovate, which is why we actively participate in our communications consulting role  and share value content.

EVALUACIÓN DEL IMPACTO DE LA RSE – Medición durante y después del COVID-19

El panorama mundial respecto a la pandemia generada por el virus COVID-19 no vislumbra una pausa cercana a los retos sociales, económicos y empresariales que ha generado. Los distintos actores sociales como la sociedad civil, entes públicos, Organizaciones No Gubernamentales y el sector privado han tenido que enfrentarse a cambios, que, si bien ya venían…

Agencias de RR.PP. del Año para América Latina

Nos sentimos honrados de estar presentes este año entre las “2020 LatAm PR Agencies of the Year” de la prestigiosa publicación global “The Holmes Report” (Provoke). Hemos figurado nuevamente entre las “Agencias de RR.PP. del Año para América Latina”, ocupando la posición de finalistas en la categoría de “Otros Mercados”, y en reconocimiento al desempeño de nuestras operaciones en Venezuela, República Dominicana…


We believe in sharing our knowledge as part of creating a positive impact on society. We are active conference speakers and develop academic programs in all of Latin America.


Our experience and knowledge has allowed us to go hand in hand with our clientes in their regional operations, in countries such as: Argentina, Aruba, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Ecuador, El Salvador, España, Estados Unidos, Guatemala, Honduras, México, Nicaragua, Panamá, Puerto Rico, Perú, República Dominicana y Venezuela.


Panamá: Torre Las Américas, Torre A, piso 12, oficina Workings, Punta Pacífica, Ciudad de Panamá.

+507 830 6436


Dominican Republic: Calle Jacinto Ignacio Mañón, Edif. Chez Space, No.7, 2do piso, Local 2.5D, Ensanche Paraíso. Santo Domingo.

+1 (809) 562 2439


Venezuela: Calle La Guairita, Edificio Los Frailes, Planta Baja, Offices 4 and 5, Chuao. Caracas.

+58 (212) 994 0213


 Calle Montesa 35, Bajo Izquierda, 28006, Madrid.

+34 634 60 16 13


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