Estrategia y Comunicación

PIZZOLANTE participated in 3er Encuentro Internacional de Sostenibilidad

SANTO DOMINGO, September 13th 2016-. Italo Pizzolante Negrón, the Founder – Partner of PIZZOLANTE Estrategia + Comunicación, moderated the third “Encuentro Internacional de Sostenibilidad 2016: Ganancias Sostenibles” organized by Red Nacional de Apoyo Empresarial a la Protección Ambiental (ECORED). The […]

REPUTATION: is the most important asset of a brand

Santo Domingo-. Thony Da Silva, Partner – Director of PIZZOLANTE Estrategia + Comunicación, highlights in his article for the Dominican Magazine Factor Éxito, that reputation is the most important asset of a brand and that natural convergence between behavior and […]

Managing Corporate Identity

Dominican Republic, September 29th, 2016.- By mentioning brands such as Apple, Coca-Cola, Google, Toyota ¿What these companies have in common?, ¿How do you handle your communication?, ¿What images or ideas associated with them? Innovation, Happiness, Technology and Efficiency. The impeccable […]

The challenge of building a strong and powerful “country brand”

Dominican Republic, September 9th, 2016.- The Partner – Director of PIZZOLANTE Estrategia + Comunicación, Thony Da Silva, stresses that to start a country Brand it must be consider the sequence and interaction between the resources that a country has to […]

Media and Agency: two – way alliance

For many years there was a tense relationship between public relations officers and journalists. Journalists understand that public relations agents or communication agencies, were playing on the court of the enemy, defending companies, conglomerates and authorities that maybe (in his […]

PIZZOLANTE will participate in the IX Central American and Caribbean Conference CSR

Honduras, May 24, 2016.- Organizations of Central America and the Caribbean region have found that the practices of corporate social responsibility (CSR) produce benefits, efficiency and competitiveness. Under this finding, the Conference of Central American and the Caribbean of CSR, […]